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#Eat Garlic! Did you know that April 19th is #NationalGarlicDay ? Garlic is a virtual #medicine chest of heart #healthy ingredients and is a leading player in the #MediterraneanDiet—proven to both prevent and reverse heart disease



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De-Stress Healthfully! Did you know that April is #NationalStressAwareness Month? Stress can harm your health if not released in a healthful manner

#Exercise is the best #medicine for #stress relief. Find additional outlets that work for best for you such as taking up a hobby like painting, playing with an animal and getting a massage! #FitnessTogether
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Adult Swim: Fertility & Fitness

Woody Allen as a sperm in the movie Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex…

A new study finds that if you want to have the best swimmers in the gene pool, turn off the TV and get to the gym.

By Martha Hicks Leta

Psst, hey you. Yes, you, the young healthy guy over there. You’ve got it going on, right? You got all kinds of game and, if you do say so yourself, when the lights are low, the libido is All Systems Go. No complaints there, right? So, let me ask you this: How much TV would you say you watch per week? Be honest. A couple of hours a night? Maybe, more? Well, if you think you might want to be a dad someday, hide the clicker and read on because, as it turns out that all that TV watching isn’t doing your little swimmers any good.

That’s right.  Over the last several decades, scientists have been keeping an eye on, of all things, semen quality. As it turns out the state of our man stuff has been in decline and the reasons for this are as yet unresolved.

Toward that end, a recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has evaluated the relationship of exercise and TV watching with sperm quality in healthy young men. The study gathered data on a group of 189 men ages 18-22 years of age over the course of three months. A questionnaire was used to assess hours per week of exercise and TV viewing. Semen quality of the test group was also evaluated based on sperm concentration, motility, morphology and total sperm count.

The findings showed that the men at the highest quarter of the exercise spectrum, those who exercised more than 15 hours per week, had 73% higher sperm concentration than the men in the lowest quarter of the exercise spectrum.

TV watching, on the other hand, had an inverse effect on semen quality. That is, the men in the study group who watched the most TV, more than 20 hours per week, actually had 44% lower sperm count than the men who watched the least.

The study concluded that, “higher moderate-to-vigorous activity and less TV watching were significantly associated with higher total sperm count and sperm concentration.” In other words, more exercise and less TV make for righteous swimmers.

So, the next time you’re planning on sitting around the man cave and watching sports with the guys all weekend, take a moment to ponder the results of this study. If you want your little fellers to swim like Richard Phelps, you may want to drop the clicker and get yourself to the gym.

For the complete study go here

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