FT Dedham Welcomes Joe Stephen to the FT Family

Joe Stephen picJoe Stephen, Manager FT Dedham
Personal Trainer/Ninja/Saxophonist/Motorcycle racer
ACSM Certified, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

Joe graduated from Berklee College of Music with a B.A. in Music Education and Performance. Before coming to Fitness Together Joe spent the past nine years traveling between the worlds of music, education and health and wellness. He worked at various health clubs while balancing the tough job of being an educator. In 2012, Joe decided to stop the balancing act. He devoted his time to helping others achieve their health and wellness goals full time as a trainer at Fitness Together in Newtonville.

Joe is an avid gym rat who has tried more than his fair share of supplements and can give you a few pointers on what to steer clear from and what to try. He prides himself on his knowledge of functional training but is always looking to gain more information and knowledge. Joe is a strong advocate of good nutrition and if you get him started he might not stop. He likes to think he can still be a world class motorcycle racer…don’t believe us? That shiny black motorcycle next to the studio in the summer – yeah, that’s his.


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