Client of the Month: Rama Rodriguez

Rama_37BDayClient Name: Rama Rodriguez
Age: 37
Date Joined: September 2012
Studio: FT Norwell
Trainer: Joe Caruso

Why did you join Fitness Together Norwell?

I joined FT to physically improve myself. I train in karate, dance ballroom, and exercise at the gym once in a while, but I was seeking something new that could augment those activities, was local, and more importantly, a step up from the typical gym. I feel much more motivated when there is a trainer “torturing” me, along with having other people around to share in the “pain.” I also have a few friends who train at FT, and they highly recommended it. Since my first trial session, I was hooked.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining FT?

I have to give two (I’m greedy).

My first accomplishment since joining FT was surviving Karate Summer Camp and passing my “Shodan” (1st degree black belt) exam. Summer Camp is an annual week of intense karate training that my organization holds in Canada, and last year I tested on top of all the training. Being at FT was the key to having the strength and endurance to get through the week.


My second accomplishment was achieving personal records on my dead lifts (285lbs), back squats (275lbs), and my bench press (225lbs).

What is your next challenge to tackle?

I want to get my stomach down even more. I’d also like to bulk up…nothing too crazy. I’d also like to start taking Jiu Jitsu (if I can find the time). I’m also looking to take more intensive boxing training…maybe even get into the ring. We’ll see.

Joe, what makes Rama such a great client?

It’s his commitment. Whenever you are tackling a challenge, whether it’s personal, professional, physical or mental, it requires a total commitment to achieve success. Rama has that in spades. It shows up each time he comes to the gym ready to give 100%.


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