Client of the Month: Michelle Barberian

Michelle BCongratulations to Michelle Barberian Client of the Month at Fitness Together Dedham. Your dedication and determination are an inspiration to us all.

Age: 51|
Date Joined: October 2013
Fat Loss: 3% body fat
Studio: FT Dedham
Trainer: Noel DoCanto

Why did you join Fitness Together?

I admit I never really exercised. I found all the cardio and free weights a bit intimidating and confusing.  Fortunately for me I found FT Dedham. The staff was very helpful and patient. Everyone really seemed to go out of their way to make me feel welcome.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining FT?

That accountability that was always missing as well as a close family atmosphere. I didn’t want to let the trainers as well as myself down.

What is your next challenge to tackle?

To lose 5lbs and to be more consistent with my nutrition plan.

Noel, what makes Michelle such a great client?

Her schedule is so busy with family and social commitments, but she still never misses her workouts at Fitness Together and always gives it her best effort. Michele is in great shape but she believes she can always improve her health and fitness which is really rare and we admire her attitude and commitment. She has made an amazing progress! We feel so lucky to have you as a client Michelle! Thank you!


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