Client of the Month: Lynn Williamson

Age: 41
Date Joined: December 2008
Weight Loss/Fat Loss: 55 lbs. and 16% body fat
Studio: FT Norwell
Trainer: Joe Caruso

You’ve been a client at Fitness Together Norwell for a long time now, what keeps you coming back?

Motivation and the need to continually challenge myself.  Once I pass a milestone, I’m looking toward my next goal.  My trainer and I have some goals I have yet to meet, so we work on those.  Plus – it’s like a family and I’ve made some great friends going there.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining FT?

My biggest accomplishment by far is completing the 2012 Boston Marathon.  When I first started FT, my VO2 max was dreadful, and I couldn’t run 3 miles without stopping.  Four years later, I completed the marathon (in 90 degree weather no less).  I’m really proud that I can say I’ve done this.

What is your next challenge to tackle?

I would like to do a sprint triathlon, or maybe a longer one.

Joe, what makes Lynn such a great client?

It’s her commitment, focus and intensity. She comes to the studio 3-4 times a week, every week! When she is not here, she is working out on her own. She has no fear and is always pushing herself to do better and to be better. She believes in a holistic approach of cardio, weight training, and nutrition and it’s paid off – Just look at her results! It’s a true pleasure and honor to have a client like Lynn.


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