For Cancer Survivor, Fitness Together Makes Life Beautiful

by Martha Hicks Leta

“Regardless of what your challenges are, just walk through the door,” assures Myers. “And life becomes beautiful all over again.”

After Lisa Myers received her breast cancer diagnosis five years ago and endured the long and difficult course of treatments, she wasn’t sure if she could trust her body again to carry her back to fitness level she dreamed of.

“I thought fighting cancer was tough,” says Myers, “but losing the confidence in yourself from that experience is just devastating.”

Her treatments left her with weak muscles a very limited range of motion, especially in her arms. When doctors gave her a clean bill of health a year and a half after her last treatment, she decided to recommit to getting fit.

Myers, who lives in Methuen, found her way to trainer Frank Francis at Fitness Together in North Andover. Francis saw right away he was dealing with a woman who was determined to reclaim her life. His comprehensive experience as a personal trainer coupled with Lisa’s extraordinary determination quickly yielded some very satisfying results for both trainer and client. “Lisa has the kind of drive to succeed that you just can’t coach; it comes from within.”

When Francis ran Lisa through her 8-week fitness assessment he was amazed. In just two months of training, she was able to increase from 27 sit-ups in one minute to 40. She had gone from holding a plank position for 1:43 and a wall sit for 2:43 at her first assessment to being able to easily maintain those skills for five minutes each.

Francis, who’s seen his share of impressive physical accomplishments, was blown away. “As a trainer, you do your best to inspire your clients. Lisa is one of the few who, whether she knows it or not, inspires ME.  That drive still exists and she brings her best EVERY session.  Currently, she is training for a Sprint Triathalon in the fall.”

Myers is grateful for the improvements to her life. “Walking through that door was the best thing I could have done for myself. It’s an experience that I highly recommend to anyone who has gone through what I went through. You can get your life back, you can get your body back, you can get your self back.”

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