Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans?

So, what’s the plan for Valentine’s Day this year? You going to dash out to the pharmacy, grab a dinged-up card from the picked over card rack and a box of chocolates to get filed next to the moldering leftovers from Christmas and Halloween? Or maybe you’ll be driving home from work on Thursday night empty handed and you’ll remember that you forgot again, to come up with something just a little special for Valentine’s Day. Hey, nothing says, “I love you” like a bunch of half-dead flowers purchased from a sketchy looking guy at a stoplight, right?

The good news is, it’s not too late to do something simple but special that will have a lasting and positive impact on both of you—your health, your energy and your stamina–and that’s never a bad thing. Make Valentine’s Day a memorable and healthy experience this year by giving your Valentine the gift of fitness.

Couples who workout together can build stronger bonds and grow their relationships to new levels. Invite your loved one to join your health and fitness regimen this Valentine’s Day. Call or come into your Fitness Together studio today to purchase your Valentine’s Day gift card and start getting fit together with your loved one.

For Valentine’s specials at an FT Studio near you go to

Offers and prices may vary.

Cooking dinner for your Valentine? Check out these elegant, easy, and tasty recipes recipes from the American Diabetes Association. Your valentine will never guess they’re actually healthy.


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