Ignite! A Special Fitness Deal Heating Up For The Winter.

ignite your inferno

Would you like to fire up your metabolism?
Burn some calories?
Finally get into shape?

Try Fitness Together for 21 days for just $225* between January 21- February 5.

We are here to help you ignite the spark inside you that will turn into a lean mean fat burning machine! All you have to do is take the first step and commit to working out for 21 days.

We’re betting that after that time, you’ll be hooked! Once a flame is started, it is hard to extinguish; make your body’s inner inferno unstoppable!

FT Westborough Trainer Jonathan Tuttle says: “I’ve been there, down the very same road as many of our clients have been. I dropped from a size 40” to a size 32”. It was hard! I decided to help guide people along the same path I’ve been down with the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years. For me, it’s very rewarding to see the transformation happen from week to week, and watch a client’s mood brighten up as the quality of their life improves.”

*for small group training 3X/wk for 3 weeks. Or choose 1-on-1 personal training for $450.

Check it out.

You can Ignite Your Inferno at:
FT Westborough
FT Dedham
FT Cohasset
FT Norwell

There are more participating through Eastern New England, check out FTGetsResults.com
Please note, while all FT Studios will give you a free fitness assessment, not all FT Studios are participating in this special deal.

And to help you ignite your weight loss, and rewiring your brain for permanent fitness, check out our recent article, This Is Your Brain On Fitness


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