Kendra Petrone: It’s A Stretch

One thing I have to say about the personal trainers at Fitness Together – is that they definitely keep safety first. As a part of each personal training session, they do what’s called movement prep dynamic stretching for the first 5 minutes of each workout. It warms up the muscles and increases the blood flow to areas that will be used during session.

The last 5 minutes of my workouts are my favorite because we focus on stretching!

For me being pregnant I have to do a modified stretching routine — which means all stretches that I do — I have to either stand or sit as opposed to lying on my back and tummy. This is the best practice for any pregnant women who are in their 2nd trimester and moving forward. As my pregnancy progresses, the amazing trainers will work more with the bench and stability ball.

My co-worker Katie had an amazing stretch session as well. Trainer Brett and Katie worked on lower body so it was natural for her to stretch out the area that she worked! Brett performed assisted lower body stretches on Katie which are more effective because the muscles tend to relax more allowing for a better stretch.

Check back to see what happens at our PACK* workout!

Kendra’s Blog at Kiss108fm

*PACK by the way is FT speak for their group training sessions. A highly effective, low cost small group alternative to personal training.

Kendra trains at FTMedford

To find a FT Studio near you, go to FTGetsResults


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