Kristin Joyce: A Losing Summer

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Another Great Jeans Challenge Success Story
by Martha Hicks Leta

When Kristin Joyce, 20, returned home to Hanover for summer vacation from High Point University in North Carolina, she had goals in mind: not only to lose weight and get back into shape, but to rediscover the happy, active person she was in high school. When she heard about Fitness Together’s Great Jeans Challenge, she knew it was exactly what she needed to help her reach her goals.

She sat down with us last week to tell us why:

I chose the Great Jeans Challenge at Fitness Together in Norwell for multiple reasons. This summer I made it one of my goals to get back into shape and lose weight but I knew I needed some extra motivation to do so and the GJC did just that. It offered the motivation not only from the trainers at FT but also the $100 gift card to shop for new clothes (after dropping two sizes.) I thought that would be a perfect way to begin my back to school shopping!

One of my biggest goals was not only to get back into shape and lose weight, but to become a happier healthier me. Back in high school I played field hockey and danced 3-4 nights a week and I couldn’t have been happier with myself. After going to college, these activities stopped and my body definitely took notice. I took it upon myself this summer to become the healthy active person I was back in high school.

Before coming to Fitness Together, the gym was always an intimidating place for me. I never really knew what to do there, so I never truly got in a good workout. Now I know and understand the importance of weight training, cardio, and a healthy eating is when it comes to losing weight.

I’d say the biggest challenge for me was not the Pack sessions or adding more cardio to my daily routine, but changing my eating habits to be sure I wasn’t countering the hard work I was putting in at FT with too many calories. The nutrition session with trainer Joe Caruso was extremely helpful and definitely added to my success at FT.

After the challenge I lost 3 inches, 2 jean sizes (from size 8 to 4) and a total of 13 pounds!

I think the constant support from the trainers at FT truly helped me reach my goals. Each and every session they are there for you 100% and just want to see you succeed.

After the challenge I didn’t just lose 13 lbs and 2 jean sizes, I gained a whole bunch of confidence that I didn’t have before. I feel more like the girl I was two years ago, and I couldn’t be any happier. I’m a new me who makes exercise and healthy living a major priority. FT helped me reach my goals and has motivated me to never go back to where I was before I started.

I would most definitely recommend Fitness Together to friends! It was an overall great experience this summer. I was really happy with it, (I even signed up for more sessions after the GJC was over!) and I know my friends would love it if they gave it at shot as well.

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