Letica Costa: Another Great Jeans Challenge Success

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by Martha Hicks Leta

One of the biggest fitness challenges women often face is getting back in shape after pregnancy and childbirth. A lot of us imagine that our bodies will magically spring back into shape once our precious cargo has been offloaded. Some of us may even be so delusional as to pack along pre-pregnancy jeans as we head off to the hospital. I can tell you from personal experience what a crushing disappointment it is to leave in the same maternity jeans in which you arrived.

Sizing in at a tiny size 0 prior to her pregnancy, Leticia Costa had an enviably slender frame. Even her post-pregnancy size 6 might garner a sneer or two from women bouncing toddlers on their cushiony hips. Nevertheless, when Costa, age 27, heard about the Great Jeans challenge after having her baby, she knew the disciplined workouts and nutritional counseling would be the thing to get her back on track in a hurry.

“I have always enjoyed working out, but after I had my baby I decided I wanted to try something different since my body wasn’t the same. My goals were to drop 2 pants sizes. I figured a size 2 was reasonable. I also wanted muscle tone specially on my legs, butt and stomach.”

Leticia trained with all three FT Norwell trainers, Joe Caruso, Mike Eaton and Alicia Tasney and says the sessions were a far cry from the workouts she was used to. “My old work out routine consisted of 90% cardio, 7% legs and 3% socializing at the gym! My trainers pushed me each session and also gave me good dieting tips.”

All three trainers were impressed by Leticia’s discipline, particularly in following her nutritional program. “Due to her amazing diet and total commitment to her workouts, she totally changed her body composition,” says FT Norwell manager and trainer, Joe Caruso.

Tasney agrees. “She really didn’t have much weight to lose. It was more about getting her muscle and skin tone back.” Leticia’s 1200-calorie diet plan featured a disciplined balance of high quality nutrition. “She really stuck with it and it paid off.”

During the course of the Great Jeans Challenge, Leticia lost five pounds, 5% of her body fat and dropped from a size 6 to a size 2.

“I felt accomplished and I feel a lot better about myself now. I lost about 4- 5 lbs, and gained muscles that I never knew existed.” That sense of achievement motivated Leticia to continue with FT beyond the Great Jeans challenge. She’s also proud to recommend Fitness Together to her friends.

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