Kendra’s Week Four: Eating The Rainbow

So now that I am in my second trimester I should be gaining about a pound a week and my trainers Maria and Kristine have told me that my body fat percentage should be be increasing slightly.

However, I lost inches everywhere!!! (my chest, arms, legs, and shoulders). I lost 6.5 inches from my total body and only gained 2.5 inches in my belly.. which is obviously needed being that I am pregnant.

My body fat went up .5% and I only gained 5 lbs! …but aside from my results (which even shocked me!!), when my trainer Kristine asked me what my fitness goals, nutrition goals and treats for myself would be she also asked if I was “Eating The Rainbow”

And I looked at her funny and said, “doing what?!” (haha)

‘Eating The Rainbow’ means eating all the foods with colors in the rainbow (since I can’t take Pre-Natal Vitamins because they make me sick). I thought this was the greatest line ever.

I will surely be Eating The Rainbow!!!


To keep eating at least 6 meals (a variety of healthy foods)


To add in more cardio in between my training sessions, to keep up my endurance and heart rate


I will plan a nice pedicure and maybe pre-natal massage for myself as a reward!


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