Week Four: Kendra & Katie Get Results

It’s week four. Kendra had a great retest! She raved about how amazing she felt while pregnant! In her second trimester we want Kendra to be gaining about a pound a week and we also want her body fat percentage to be increasing slightly. Kendra lost inches everywhere that she could (chest, arms, legs, and shoulders). She lost 6.5 inches from her total body and gained 2.5 inches in her belly. Her body fat went up .5% and her weight went up 5 lbs! Perfection 🙂

Katie, the Kiss108fm sales rep, is also going through the workout with Kendra. She had a great retest. She was so focused on the fact that the number on the scale was not moving she lost sight of the she was still losing body fat and inches. In 4 weeks Katie lost 9 inches overall, 2 of those inches of her waist alone! Katie dropped 1.5 % body fat and maintained her current weight. She is very happy with her workouts and is working hard to see the number on the scale drop. She keeps getting compliments on how amazing she looks and her clothes are fitting much better 🙂

Maria Marques | Fitness Manager
Fitness Together Medford
365 Salem Street Medford, MA 02155
781-395-3600 | ftmedford.com

To find other Fitness Together Studios near you go to FTGetsResults.com

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To find out more about the KISS108 discount for the Wedding Party Workout check this out. (By the way, Wedding Party Members and any other group who wish to get healthier, fit, and lose weight can get the same discount.)



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