Kendra’s Week 3: You Are What You Eat

Kendra Petrone, the Executive Producer for Kiss108fm’s Matty In The Morning Show is doing the Wedding Party Workout at our Medford studio. Here is her post for her third week.

Just completed my 3rd week at Fitness Together and I feel AWESOME. This week my trainer Maria worked a lot on my “core” and we did total body workouts… The hardest exercise I did was definitely something called “side planks” ..I had to keep my entire body upward with just my arm! It was hard– but if a pregnant gal like myself can do it– SO CAN YOU!!!

And who says we can’t have a little fun while we’re working out–Katie and I decided to battle in a TUG OF WAR! Who do you think wins?….. check it out!!

So all along I have been telling you all how amazing the trainers and the workouts are at Fitness Together – but another major ingredient in feeling good and looking good– is eating right. It’s all about portions and food choice. I love to eat– and just because I am pregnant, doesn’t mean I can just splurge on anything… when the doctors say you’re “eating for two” – they don’t really want you to OVER-eat– so here’s what my trainers Kristine and Maria have told me at Fitness Together

  • Eat small and frequent meals–I eat 6 times a day!!
  • If you’re eating salads, add good proteins like grilled chicken (plain), fish, even crushed walnuts or almonds
  • Try not to eat the same foods every day– change it up!!

I use the Fitness Together online nutrition journal to log in my daily intake of food–and it’s not complicated and it’s not overwhelming — GO TO WWW.FTMEDFORD.COM TO CHECK IT OUT! It makes a huge difference when you see what’s going into your body … and remember you are supposed to have carbs and calories — they just need to be within moderation!!

I really want to encourage all of you to call my friends at Fitness Together and try it out– I am doing things now (pregnant) that I never thought I could do before I was pregnant! You will love it- I promise!!!

Get the Kiss 108 discount for your own Wedding Party Workouts. Click the picture to download the coupon:

Kendra Week two: Feel The Burn
Kendra Joins The Wedding Party Workout

To find a Fitness Together Studio near you, go to

Read more at Kendra’s Blog on Kiss108fm



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