The Eric: The Workout No One Could Possibly Do

By Martha Hicks Leta

Eric Petersen loves training at Fitness Together in Norwell and it shows. A client since 2011, Eric completed the ten mile Tough Mudder adventure race with Team Boom Factor in May and within a week, while basking in the post-race delirium, signed on to run in the 13 mile Spartan Beast in September with FT Norwell Trainer Mike Eaton.

The 47 year old especially loves the social aspect of training and has made quite a few lasting friendships among clients and trainers alike. During any given Pack session, Petersen can be found waxing poetic about his favorite greasy foods while his fellow Pack members strain to complete their circuits. (Eric looks like Jack LaLane but eats like John Belushi and talks food like the fat guy stuck in a fit guy’s body that he his.) His favorite topic is sausage, particularly Santarpio’s sausage in East Boston as well as the hot dogs at Capitol Lunch in New Britain Connecticut. Not everyone enjoys listening to vivid descriptions of greasy food while struggling to keep their oatmeal down during a round of squat jumps, but Eric doesn’t care. He practically levitates while describing the gustatory delights of his favorite gut busters.

Eric loves training at Fitness Together in Norwell, but he kind of hates it, too.

He calls Mike Eaton “The Silent Assassin” and lately he’s taken to calling trainer Alicia Tasney, “Lucifer” or “Lucy” if he’s feeling too short of breath for the extra syllable. Sometimes, during an especially brutal workout, Eric will hide in a corner like a wounded coyote. “Get away from me, Lucy! I’m not talking to you,” he says to Alicia. “Walk away!”

But, says Tasney, Eric asks for it. Sometimes literally. Petersen arrived for a recent appointment and announced, “I’m giving you five minutes. Write a workout for me that no one could possibly do. Go.”

Never one to shrink from a challenge, Tasney wrote the workout and called it “The Eric.” This is the sweat stain left on the floor two-thirds of the way into the workout.

Rumor has it they’re thinking of having it permanently marked on the floor like a Hollywood Walk of Fame star: The FT Walk of Stain.

Some guys have sandwiches named after them, and who knows, perhaps somewhere there’s a Petersen Pepper Braunschweiger. Maybe there’s even an emblazoned sweat stain in his future, but for now Eric will have to be satisfied with having a workout named after him.

Give it a shot. Send me a photo of your sweat stain after and tell me what you think.

“The Eric”

Pullups, (Choice of grip)
Reps: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Two full burpees after each set of pull-ups

5 Wall Walks

Spiderman Pushups
Reps: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Two hanging dips after each set of pushups

24” Box Jumps

Burpee to Pullup (Full chest to the floor burpee, jump at the end to grab the bar for pullup)
Reps: 10,8,6,4,2

TRX Pike with push-ups. (Feet in TRX in plank position. Pike up, straighten, drop into pushup.)
Reps: 10,8,6,4,2

Alternating Wall Ball/Med Ball Slam with 16 lb Dynamax ball
Reps: 40,30,20, 10


To find out more about “The Eric” contact the trainers at FT Norwell

To find a FT Studio near you, go to


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