Paul “Pinkhouse” Camerer at age 93 rides 41 Miles

clipped from an email sent by Sally Edwards of HEARTZONES

OK – it’s time to brag about one of the healthiest 93 year old cyclists on the planet – Pinkhouse.  At the Heart Zones Conference last year, he raced the 30-something Mandy LeBlanc  in an indoor bike challenge – and won by 10 watts/pound! Watch this video and listen to the short interview of how 93 year old Pinkhouse does it, finishing a 40 mile ride on a tandem, near his hometown of Sacramento.

This is the company that created the original and is now the world leader in heart-rate training branded and patented systems beginning in 1993. The company leads events, publishes content, and develops new mobile technologies as a consultant or hands-on like the Blink, the flashing zones heart rate monitor.


Fitness Together customizes their programs for each client, so if you are a teen to a senior, or a family with youngsters, every member will be getting the full workout they need. For more information on FT or to find a studio near you, please go to



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2 responses to “Paul “Pinkhouse” Camerer at age 93 rides 41 Miles

  1. Paul is a flippin’ stud!

    I hope to maintain my fitness as well as him and guys like Jack Lalanne. Cool post!

    • nice blog guys. if you want to contribute a piece here and link to it from yours, by all means, send it to me: fitnesstogetherdg[@] thanks

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