Harmful Effects of Soda on Your Body

It’s almost as easy as air… and almost as difficult to count. Add a fountain drink to your lunch. Grab a can from the vending machine. Get a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon. Sip something with your popcorn at the movies.

But what is all that soda doing to your health?

The truth is, drinking soda can lead to more than just a bigger belly. The habit can be associated with asthma, heat disease, diabetes and much more.

Check out the infographic below before popping open the next can. May we suggest water instead?If you do care about your health and your body, however, take a look at the harmful effects of soda consumption over time. (If you click on the image you can view it in full.)

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One response to “Harmful Effects of Soda on Your Body

  1. Hey there,

    The debate over Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban is all over the news. Setting the politics aside, we wondered – What does sugary soda consumption mean for your health?


    We encourage you to post this infogram to your site (I can send as an attachment). If you do, we would be happy to give you a Follow Friday shout out to our 100,000+ Twitter followers!

    Let me know!

    All the best,

    Blaine Shranka
    Outreach Director
    Everyday Health
    345 Hudson Street, 16th Floor
    New York, New York 10014


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