Talking About Weight Loss & Health With Cathy Schaum of FT Tyngsboro

Cathy Schaum of FT Tyngsboro on The Friends Of Kevin Radio Show

Host Kevin Willett is joined by Cathy Schaum – Fitness Together Tyngsboro /Nashua. Are you having trouble keeping your new years resolution to get in shape? Listen to Cathy discuss how she can help. Please become a fan of Cathy’s studios Fitness Together Tyngsboro / Nashua on Facebook & keep up to date with all our news, views, and specials for FT Eastern New England by becoming a fan of FTGetsResults on Facebook.

More About Cathy: I have been the owner of Fitness Together in Tyngsboro, MA since 2005. The convenient location of our studio, allows us to serve clients from many areas, including the greater Tyngsboro-Dunstable, Lowell, and North Chelmsford areas, as well as, Nashua & southern, NH.

I am extremely proud to say that for over 5 years my studio has produced some of the best Fitness Together client success stories in New England, if not the country! I believe that a team-oriented approach is the key component to our clients’ many success stories. My role, as owner, is significant to bringing the trainers and each client together on a mutually established path towards success.

I learned the importance of team work early on in life. I was extremely fortunate to have played under one of the best high school coaches in New England (Cambridge), as well as for an exceptional college coach, a 2006 inductee to the College Basketball Hall of Fame. As a multi-sport co-captain, the value of team success vs individual achievements was instilled early on and it is something that has stayed with me throughout my life. I also learned about the critical importance of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle which is what ultimately led me to a career as a personal trainer.

After a very successful, yet demanding career in the corporate world, I realized the professional challenges and stress were creating havoc to my well-being. Therefore, I made the decision to work towards a career that held my passion and allowed me to help other people. For over twelve years, I have educated myself in health and fitness through seminars, course work, the process of certifications, and extensive practical personal training experience. Playing a role in helping people change their lives has been an extremely rewarding experience. I take special pride in the medical improvements my clients have achieved over the years, because I understand the detrimental affects medical issues can have on a family, as well as on the individual involved.

I strongly believe that regardless of the age, sex, or ability of a potential client, if they are “coachable,” and true to their own commitment, they will ultimately achieve their health and fitness goals, particularly within our team-oriented approach at our studio in Tyngsboro. We will create realistic benchmarks and a continuous reassessment of individual goals and progress, without “overwhelming” a person.

Just look at the sample of testimonials and the accomplishments of our clients and you’ll know why we, as trainers, do what we do! I’d love the opportunity to work with you, so YOU can become an FT Tyngsboro “success story,” too!

FT Tyngsboro

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