FT Gets Results: Tracy Simpson (The Full Story)

Tracy Simpson: Client FT Reading
Achievements: Tracy lost 50 lbs and dropped six dress sizes.
Tracy completed the Tough Mudder challenge last spring, a grueling 10-mile military-style challenge.
Trainer: Tom Lavoie

Tracy first came to Fitness Together when she realized the baby weight she’d put on three years prior wasn’t going to come off without some major changes to her lifestyle. Tracy committed to her training and nutrition program and saw greater results than she ever imagined. “My trainers are amazing. They are the primary reason why I come here.” Since starting at FT Tracy has lost 50 lbs. and went from a size 14 to a size 2. She also increased strength and flexibility and has competed in the incredibly demanding Tough Mudder challenge. Trainer Tom Lavoie says, “She really has kicked up her strength in a big way. She’s continuing to grow, as far as her strength, flexibility, and improving her overall health.”


For more info about Fitness Together and other success stories go to FTGetsResults.com and our channel on YouTube

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