FT Gets Results: Dave Norden (The 60 Second Story)

Dave Norden: Client FT Burlington.
Achievements: Lost 40 lbs.  gained energy and confidence. Hopes to run the Boston Marathon
Trainer: Brendan Stapleton

Dave Norden came to Fitness Together 40 lbs. overweight and suffering from back pain. Says trainer Brendan Stapleton, “When I first met Dave, he was lacking the confidence he needed to get fit and live a healthier life. He wasn’t ready to take that step without a trainer.” Dave began with private one-on-one training and now does Pack Small Group Training four times a week. In 8 months, Dave lost 40 lbs, gained strength and confidence and is seeing improvements with every workout. “He’s much stronger and fitter,” says his trainer, “but at the same time he’s definitely gained a lot of the confidence that he needed to live a healthier lifestyle.” Dave’s next goal? The Boston Marathon.

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