Trainer Tips: Day at the Race!

by Michael Cardoza, Vice President Operations, Lifestyle Fitness Corp.

Clients often ask us why we (trainers and fitness professionals) work out the way we do.  Obviously our trainers want to live a healthy life and look good but some of them have other reasons for pumping insane amounts of iron or logging crazy amounts of  miles on their own two feet.

For instance check out this article on Bill Coleman, Assistant Manager of FT Cohasset.  Bill competes as a powerlifter at the age of 52.  We also have Kate (Dedham trainer) and Ashley (Westborough trainer) who both take part in road races ranging in distances anywhere from 5K to a marathon.  Stan (Dedham trainer) is a competitive natural bodybuilder.  Personally, I am a triathlete.  So why do we torture ourselves through high levels of exercise just to compete in  these types of events.

We all have different reasons for doing what we do and personally my primary motive is my competitive spirit, as my wife so kindly puts it.  This past weekend I had the opportunity to enter a local triathlon as a late entry.  The late entry is due to the fact that we had our first child 5 weeks ago and my swim, bike and run training has been at a minimum.  So I was unsure how well I would do.  Because I still find the time to fit alternative workouts into my schedule I felt my fitness was at a point that I could still finish the race strong.  There were no expectations to get on the podium but at least I could get some of that competitive energy out of my system.

After each race I like to cool down by stretching near the finishing chute because I can see others finish the race.  I always get goosebumps when I see someone come across the line with emotion because I can imagine the type of dedication that person had to train for this event.  Most of the emotional finishers that I am referring to are not your typical skinny athlete and clearly it took a huge commitment for them to even get to the starting line.  My hat always goes off to those people, more so than the winners.

This particular race really changed my perspective on why I toe the line.  Yes I am still competitive, but after finishing 2nd in my age group, which most people would be more than happy about, I found I was more excited that I ran into a client after the race.  She was there supporting her husband in his first triathlon race.  So why was I excited to see her if she wasn’t racing?  There are two main reasons:

  • She verbally committed to doing that exact race next year. She was clearly inspired by watching the race and somewhere found her motivation to commit to a new goal. That is exciting!
  • She was with her daughter who is at an age where she absorbs everything around her.   She just witnessed her mother get excited about committing to this race next year and her father finish a race and have fun doing it.  This is leading by example.

The reason why Ashley pounds the pavement or Bill lifts large amounts of weight is no better than the other.  The important thing is that they have a reason or inspiration to achieve something.  As a new father the driving force behind my long workouts is no longer competition, but rather inspiration.  I want to show my son how to live a healthy lifestyle and I want to inspire others the way our client was inspired by her husband finishing the race this past weekend.

What drives you to be active?  Visit us on FaceBook and tell us what inspires you.  Maybe your story will inspire someone else!

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Michael Cardoza Vice President Operations
Michael has been with Fitness Together since 2003. Michael started with Fitness Together as the manager of Dedham and has also managed the Norwell and Westborough studios. Before taking on the Vice President role Michael was the Area Director for Lifestyle Fitness Corp. Lifestyle Fitness Corp. owns and operates Fitness Together studios in Dedham, Cohasset, Norwell and Westborough.  Michael has been a certified personal trainer since 2001. He earned a finance degree from Bentley College and a master’s degree from the University of London (North London Campus).

He believes staying fit requires a lifestyle commitment. He feels a balance of strength training, cardiovascular training and healthy nutrition are the key elements to staying healthy. Michael has been active his entire life. He was a three sport athlete in high school and played soccer at the collegiate level. Now, he prefers staying active through strength training, triathlon and any other outdoor activities.

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One response to “Trainer Tips: Day at the Race!

  1. Steve Lichtman

    Great human interest story, Michael. You guys all motivate me. I’m 55 now and will run my first 5K this fall. It’s never too late to get started!

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