Ryan Reynolds: From Geek to Green Lantern. How’d He Do That?

by Martha Hicks Leta

Ryan Reynolds is one of those actors who gets way more attention for his physique than his acting abilities. He could knock Hamlet’s soliloquy clean out of the park and most of us would still be thinking, “Dang, boy, just look at those abs!” So what’s he doing that we’re not doing? Turns out, not much. Ryan Reynolds’ pre-action-hero routine pretty much includes the stuff FT clients are already doing, just dialed up a few clicks. Okay, a lot of clicks. The thing is, most of us mortals don’t have the time or inclination to spend this much time on ourselves and, thankfully, most of us don’t have careers that depend on looking fabulous in a unitard. Still, a look at this routine reinforces what the good people at Fitness Together have been telling clients all along: real fitness requires a regular commitment to diet, cardio and weight training. Every week, 3-5 times. This is where the real gains are made.

So, lets have a look-see at what the Talented Mr. Ripped is doing that we’re doing, or being advised to do, at least.

Ryan Reynolds’ Diet Plan

  1. Eat More Smaller Meals Reynolds’ objective was to gain lean muscle mass. Lots of it. So instead of shoveling down three gut busters a day, he ate smaller portioned meals every 2 or three hours. By doing this, his body gets just the right amount of food it can metabolize and doesn’t go into fat-storing mode. For us civilians, having more, smaller meals mean fewer spikes in blood sugar and few cravings that can lead to over-indulging.
  2. Prepare Home Cooked Food If you didn’t hate the guy enough already, apparently Reynolds likes to cook his own food, and he’s good at it , too. He’ll prepare his own food ahead of time and freeze it if necessary. The point here is that good eating takes a bit of planning. Too many of us are eating on the fly and though we might think we’re making smarter choices at the sandwich counter, these foods have hidden carbs, fats, sugars and preservatives. Prepare your own food and you know just what you’re getting.
  3. No More Carbs after 8PM ‘Nuff said there.

Ryan Reynolds’ Workout Plan

  1. Do Abs First Hey! We do that, too! Doing ab exercises first zeroes in on your core, which is where you need your focus to stay in order to protect your back and perform other exercises correctly.
  2. Lift Heavier Weight to Bulk Up I’ve been to enough half-baked fitness classes to know that flailing around with dainty little hand weights doesn’t do diddly squat for the bat wing flab. In order to build muscle, you need to challenge the muscle. Most of us don’t know how to do this correctly on our own, or we don’t push ourselves hard enough, but the good people at FT sure do. The next time you’re struggling through those goblet presses, remember what a horrible mess you were after that first workout and congratulate yourself for building strength, muscle and endurance.
  3. Six Days Weekly and Once Muscle Group Each Day Yeah, no. Personally, I’m drawing the line there. Having said that, our FT trainers are pretty swift about helping us get the most out of our workouts. If you’re on a twice weekly schedule, you know you’re going to get your uppers hit hard one day and your lowers the next. If you’re able to train three times weekly, your workout effectiveness is going to increase exponentially. Regardless, we all need to be sure to get those extra workouts in, whether it’s taking the dog for a run before work in the morning, bike riding after dinner or kayaking on the weekends.

For more about Ryan Reynolds’ training program and some eye-popping photos, go HERE.

You might want to turn up the air conditioning first, though.


For our own FT Success Stories, homegrown and obviously out of the glare of those Hollywood lights, though no less remarkable and life-changing, go to FTGetsResults


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