Fitness Together Joins ADA To Help Improve Wellness At Boston’s Health & Fitness Expo

Albert Whitaker, Director of Mission Delivery, American Diabetes Association New England & Maureen Sullivan, owner of Fitness Together North Andover

Fitness Together and The American Diabetes Association shared a table at the Boston Health and Fitness Expo on June 25 and 26, located in the Hynes Convention Center. Hosted by Partners in HealthCare in association with 7 NBC and CW56, the mission of the event was to improve wellness in Boston and surrounding communities.

The public came in force to receive free medical screenings, cooking demonstrations, and to meet celebrities such as “The Today Show” health expert Joy Bauer and winner of “The Biggest Loser” Olivia Ward. Despite the beautiful beach weather, Partners in Health reports that the free event drew more than 65,000 people on Saturday and Sunday.

Over at the American Diabetes Association and Fitness Together Table, people waited patiently to receive materials and information on managing diabetes from Albert Whitaker, director of Mission Delivery for the ADA. Handouts included recipe booklets and a full color “Plate Planner” that shows what a healthy plate of food looks like (1/2 vegetables, ¼ protein, ¼ starch. Add a serving of fruit and low-fat milk.) Many others chatted with Maureen Sullivan and Steven Lichtman of Fitness Together inquiring about fitness training and signing up to win three free training sessions.

Sullivan, owner of Fitness Together in North Andover says, “what people were saying to me at the table, basically, was that weight loss is tough for diabetics on medication. Some of my clients also say the medication makes it very difficult to lose weight.  So we speak more towards losing body fat and toning.  They can still achieve results in a reduction in their glucose levels that way, which helps in reductions in their medications.”

Overall, the event served as an important reminder that people need support in tailoring their diet and exercise regimes toward managing their diabetes.

But it’s not just diabetics who need support. Carolyn Glick, a lawyer from Wayland, who had been working at the next table came over at the end of the day to fill out a form for a training appointment. “I’ve been listening to your experts talking to people about fitness all day and it reminded me I’ve been wanting to do this for myself for years. I never got that baby weight off after having my twin boys. They’re in college now and I think it’s time I did!”

For more information on getting in shape in Massachusetts call Steve Lichtman at Fitness Together at 781-572-1002 or visit For more information about treating diabetes visit or call Albert Whitaker at If your company is in the Merrimack Valley area, you can contact Maureen Sullivan or Adam Genetti directly at 978-659-0047 or email at In Rhode Island contact Matt Gagliano at 401-529-8244 or email at


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