The Key To Successful Weight Loss: Planning

Article clipped by Cathy Schaum, owner and certified Personal Trainer at FT Tyngsboro

by Tim Harlan, M.D. from the HUFFINGTON POST

For years, I’ve been telling my patients that planning is the key to successful weight loss. You wouldn’t build a house or tackle some other large project without a plan, would you? Weight loss is no exception, and for my patients I recommend a two-pronged approach: keeping a daily food diary, as well as planning meals ahead of time.

Keeping a food diary helps people track their caloric intake so that they are more aware of what they are eating. These diaries have worked well to help folks both lose weight and maintain their weight loss. In the past few years, however, there have been online food diaries available to help people with weight loss, and there are dozens, if not hundreds of sites that offer calorie and exercise tracking (and for the sake of full disclosure, my web site at is no exception).

The weight loss industry has long been targeting women, but since being overweight is by no means gender-specific, there’s recently been more interest in helping men lose weight. A study out of Australia reported last year on the results of a 12-month, internet-based weight loss program, specifically for men (Obesity 2011;19:142-151).

The researchers recruited 65 men between the ages of 18 and 65, with an average age of about 36 and an average Body Mass Index of about 31, which is considered clinically obese. The men were randomized into two groups: one received a weight loss booklet and attended a one-hour information session, while the other group received the same weight loss book and attended the same information session, but they were also instructed in how to use the study’s online weight loss web site: (This website is specific to Australia; the US version charges a fee.)

The complete article can be found here


Cathy Schaum
I have been the owner of Fitness Together in Tyngsboro, MA since 2005. The convenient location of our studio, allows us to serve clients from many areas, including the greater Tyngsboro-Dunstable, Lowell, and North Chelmsford areas, as well as, Nashua & southern, NH.

I am extremely proud to say that for over 5 years my studio has produced some of the best Fitness Together client success stories in New England, if not the country! I believe that a team-oriented approach is the key component to our clients’ many success stories. My role, as owner, is significant to bringing the trainers and each client together on a mutually established path towards success.

Playing a role in helping people change their lives has been an extremely rewarding experience. I take special pride in the medical improvements my clients have achieved over the years, because I understand the detrimental affects medical issues can have on a family, as well as on the individual involved.

FT Tyngsboro

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