Type 2 Diabetes Success Story: Donald Whittemore

By Cathy Schaum of FT Tyngsboro

Can a balanced diet and exercise help overcome type 2 diabetes? That’s what Dunstable engineer Donald Whittemore is trying to prove.

Part of an observational study conducted and subsidized 50 percent by the Fitness Together Massachusetts Owners Group, Donald was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes four years ago. Though he immediately began a strict regimen of medications and diet, he continued to gain weight and feel worn down.

That’s not the case today. Six months after joining the type 2 study at Fitness Together of Tyngsboro, Donald has lost more than 30 pounds, his triglycerides have decreased, and his doctor has significantly reduced his medications.

The Fitness Together Massachusetts Owners Group, which is comprised of 43-area Fitness Together franchised locations, formed the special health study under the guidance of Joan Hill, a Certified Diabetes Educator and Nutritionist, to see how six months of resistance training and cardiovascular exercise, combined with nutritional coaching can impact type 2 diabetes. All client results will be shared with the American Diabetes Association of Eastern New England.

“We wanted to invite type 2 diabetics into our studios and offer our personal, tailored and safe exercise and nutritional guidance program to help improve their lives for the better,” said Steve Lichtman, owner of four Fitness Together franchises. “This isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about battling an illness in a smart, responsible and healthy manner.”

Donald has seen such improvement that he hopes to one day be free of insulin injections.

“My doctor has even taken me off some of my meds,” said Donald. “My AC1 has stayed down and I’m using far less insulin than before. The amount of medication I used to take in one month now lasts up to four months.”

Donald has signed up for an additional six months of training at the Tyngsboro Fitness Together studio. His goal is to keep the weight off but he also wants to lose another five pounds, placing him under 200 lbs.

“The best part of having a personal trainer is that I have someone holding me accountable and pushing me farther than I thought I could go,” said Donald. “This is a whole new lifestyle for me, I even bike about 30 miles with my wife on the weekends now! But the most rewarding part is that I can keep up with my four-year-old grandson a little better!”

Go HERE for more information about our Type 2 Diabetes Program

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4 responses to “Type 2 Diabetes Success Story: Donald Whittemore

  1. Awesome work and congratulations on your new lease on life! Way to go Donald and FT Tyngsboro!

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