American Diabetes Association: Step Out For A Cure

Vimeo video by by Mark Helman

Fitness Together is a proud sponsor of the American Diabetes Association and their Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes. Last year, the Fitness Together Massachusetts Owners Group, specializing in one-on-one personal training, raised more than $50,000 for the American Diabetes Association of Eastern New England.

Our network of 43 Fitness Together franchised studios throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire collectively signed on as the Official Health and Fitness Sponsor for the ADA’s STEP OUT: Walk to Fight Diabetes campaign to raise the funds and make the contribution. 

Meanwhile, the additional sweat they have put into helping people living with type 2 diabetes across their fitness studios has magnified their cause and given a face…several faces… to the illness.

Separate from the crowds at STEP OUT walks in Worcester, Mass.; Providence, R.I.; and Boston, Fitness Together certified personal trainers have spent many months up close and personal with people battling the illness, who are on a quest for health and wellness.

“A lot of people can raise money, support a good cause, and call it a day. But that’s not what Fitness Together had in mind when we signed up to support the ADA chapter,” said Steve Lichtman, owner of 4 Fitness Together franchises. “We also wanted to invite people living with type 2 diabetes into our studios to offer personal, tailored and safe exercise and nutrition guidance that could improve their lives for the better.”

In conjunction with the fundraising effort that surpassed Fitness Together’s goal to raise $40,000 for the ADA, the group enlisted 35 people with type 2 diabetes across Eastern New England for their type 2 diabetes observational study. Fitness Together tracked the impact of a fitness and nutrition program on their client’s type 2 diabetes over a six month period. The results have been amazing.

“We have seen dramatic transformations both physically and emotionally,” Steve said. “This isn’t just about losing weight. It’s about battling an illness in a smart, responsible and healthy manner.”

And the battle continues. Based on the success of this study, Fitness Together wants to broaden the awareness of it services.

People with type 2 diabetes are encouraged to contact their local Fitness Together studio and visit to get more information. “The positive impact of helping people lose weight, get in shape, lower their dependence on medications and live a more fulfilling life is the best motivator,” said Chris Boynton, Executive Director for the ADA, Eastern New England

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