Trainer Tips: Lifting Straps

from FT Trainer Joe Caruso

Lifting Straps are a cheap way to add poundage to some of your overall big lifts that can be limited due to grip strength. Usually back exercises such as deadlifts, pullups, rows, and pulldowns are the most common lifts that straps are beneficial. The back exercises are usually where grip strength is the weak link in the chain and is what holds a person back from lifting their maximum amount of weight. Usually with lifting straps a person has a better grip on the bar and almost takes your grip strength out of the equation which results in heavier weight being lifting and usually the breaking of weight plateaus.

The main drawback is that a person becomes reliant on the straps for almost all lifts and then grip strength is never really built up. This is not of concern to your average person in the gym just trying to add weight to the bar and break lifting plateaus and try to achieve new results. Grip strength is important to anyone in a gym but is mostly important to Powerlifters, Strongman Competitors, and high level athletes.

If a person is not working to become better at those aspects then lifting straps are a great tool to add to a persons training gear.

Lifting straps are usually under 20 dollars and can be found at any exercise equipment store. You can see a whole range of Schiek straps here.


Lynn Williamson, one of our recent FT Success Stories trains with Joe at our FT Norwell Studio

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