Success Story: Bob Petersen

Overcoming An Injury

In April of 2010, I met with Karen Isgur to discuss a possible fitness program at Fitness Together. During the conversation, Karen answered many of my questions about Fitness Together and stressed that fitness programs were designed to help each person reach their individual fitness goals. Karen then asked me about my fitness goals.

I responded as I suspect that most people do. I wanted to improve my overall fitness, with a focus on losing weight and reducing my waist line. I also indicated that I wanted to improve the strength and flexibility of my left ankle. I had injured the ankle almost two years previously, resulting in a partially torn tendon. While I had attended multiple sessions of physical therapy, the ankle had never regained proper strength or flexibility and I often experienced pain from even minor activity. As we continued our discussion, I also realized that I should have indicated the need to improve core and upper body strength and cardio among my goals. We discussed the type of program that would be designed for me, the number of sessions that I should attend each week and other details regarding a program that would work for me.

As I was getting ready to leave, I indicated to Karen that there are two other goals that would be very important me. Since my injury, I had been unable to participate in an annual backpacking trip with a group of friends and that I had also been unable to downhill ski. Both activities were really important to me and I was very discouraged by not enjoying these activities for the past two years. My challenge to Karen was that, regardless of any achievements in my fitness program, I would ultimately judge my success or failure with Fitness Together on whether or not I would be able to hike and ski again.

The first few sessions of my program were somewhat discouraging. I found out that I was significantly less fit than I hoped or wanted to admit. This was not something that my trainers needed to tell me. It became painfully apparent after a few sessions and my initial fitness assessment. Interestingly enough, after a few weeks in the program, it also became very clear that I was improving much more quickly than I expected. I lost six or seven pounds quickly and I felt much more comfortable doing the exercises during my sessions.
I have been a client of Fitness Together for almost a year now and I plan to continue that relationship. I look forward to my fitness sessions twice each week and have incorporated workouts at home into my fitness plan. My primary trainer is Jessica Devoid who has done a great job in balancing encouragement with pushing me to work harder. I especially enjoy the variety of exercises built into my program and the fact that we are continually assessing and updating my goals.

In closing, it should be noted that I continue with Fitness Together as I consider my fitness program to be a success by any and all measures. In September 2010, I hiked 8 miles with a 40 lb. backpack on the annual hike with my friends. In January 2011, I skied for 2 days in New Hampshire. In neither situation did I experience any pain or difficulty with the injured ankle. Additionally, I feel that I was in much better condition to participate in those outdoor activities than I had been prior to my injury. I give full credit Fitness Together and Jessica for providing me with the opportunity to hike and ski again.

Bob Petersen

Bob trains with Jessica Devoid at Fitness Together Westborough

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