Massachusetts Is Looking For A Few Great Employers

Working On Wellness

One in every 3 Massachusetts adults is affected by a chronic disease. The total hospital charges cost nearly $3.5 billion
every year (Policy, Fiscal Year 2005).

Mass in Motion

Mass in Motion is an innovative wellness initiative which promotes wellness and the prevention of overweight and obesity in Massachusetts – with a focus on healthy eating and physical activity.

Worksite Wellness / The Bottom Line
Worksite Wellness Programs have been shown to :

  • reduce sick time by 28%
  • reduce health care costs by 26%
  • reduce workers’ compensation by 30%
  • produce a $5.93-to-$1 savings-to-cost ratio

The Program
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is recruiting employers to participate in a training program that will guide employers on developing an infrastructure that best addresses the needs of individual employers and employees. Up to 12 employers are recruited to participate, and each employer receives:

An evidence-based toolkit with information on:

  • Obtaining a mandate for Wellness
  • Composing a Wellness team
  • Assessing health status, needs & interests
  • Formulating goals and objectives
  • Developing an action plan
  • Plan approval
  • Plan implementation
  • 4 training sessions using the toolkit as basis for the training
  • Monthly conference calls with field experts on topics including program evaluation, making policy changes, etc
  • Technical assistance conference calls with a worksite wellness expert
  • Opportunities to network with peers

“The Commonwealth’s Working on Wellness initiative, sponsored by the Department of Public Health, has made it possible for Division of Health Care Finance and Policy employees to learn strategies for leading a healthier lifestyle inside and outside of the
office. The Working on Wellness initiative benefits management and staff on a number of levels. Division employees report that they are more likely to engage in physical activity, seek out more nutritious foods, and practice stress reduction techniques. Importantly, the program helps to boost morale and increase productivity among employees. It is a wonderful resource that promotes awareness, provides education, creates opportunity, and achieves results.”
Harry O. Lohr, Jr., DHCFP Wellness Works Program Sponsor
Emily O’Brien, DHCFP Wellness Works Program Champion

“The University of Massachusetts Medical School was fortunate to become part of the Department of Public Health “Working on Wellness” initiative in January, 2009. The training, technical assistance and support that they have provided to us has
been invaluable. As a large organization with over 6500 employees, it was difficult to know how to prioritize our goals and organize our structure so that we could meet our employees’ needs. After seven months we know our employees needs and interests, have specific interventions in place and Wellness is slowly becoming a common thread in our environment. We are incredibly grateful to be included in the Working on Wellness initiative!”
Janet Hirsch, LICSW
Wellness Champion

“I’ve learned an entirely new skill: how to introduce, launch, and manage workplace wellness initiatives to improve employee’s health and well being. Our employees were excited to see that they were asked to get involved in the process. They felt valued, respected, and enthusiastic. I learned additional management skills on how to plan, launch, and implement this process which can be transferred to a variety of projects. Many thanks for the exceptional training and support throughout the extensive learning process.”
Gail Corcoran, Gail B. Corcoran and Associates

For more information on MASS IN MOTION, contact Lisa Erck at

Fitness Together

One of our missions at Fitness Together is to help employers and insurance companies lower healthcare costs through our proven preventative health and fitness programs. Our type 2 diabetes study is a good example of how we’re helping people lose weight, lower their blood sugar and reduce their medications. Ultimately, this may help lower the incidence (and cost) of heart disease and save lives.

For more information on how we can help you and your company lower healthcare costs, email Steve Lichtman.


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