Megan Gates: Healthy tips to help keep you in shape this year

by Megan Gates/Gym Source

With the start of the New Year many are feeling a bit of anxiety about maintaining their New Year’s resolution. If increased health is on your radar, you don’t need to purchase a BowFlex and commit yourself to a daily gym routine. There are many smaller choices you are able to make on a daily basis that will work toward bettering your overall health and diet without radically altering your already jam packed life. It has been proven that smaller changes are able to be sustained for a longer period of time, and are most easily able to be integrated into daily routines.

Here are some suggestions for subtle changes that can be made to your daily routine, which if maintained, can yield positive results.

Take the Stairs
This is a cliche, yet cliches are what they are for a reason. According to the Bethesda Medical Center, Bethesda, MD, taking the stairs burns more calories per minute than any other form of exercise. Taking the stairs, parking not so close in a parking lot, and walking with a friend on your lunch break are small steps toward increasing your daily activity and burning calories. As soon as you begin to turn these actions into habits, the sooner they will be a permanent part of your daily routine and life.

Focus on Food
Cut out all of the unnecessary. You can do your wallet and waist a favor by reducing or cutting out the number of times you eat out during the week. During the workweek, grabbing a quick bite might be easy, but it is a serious drain on your finances and health. A lot of the food people grab on the go is processed and over priced. It takes a bit of forethought; however, you can make healthy and filling lunches for yourself the night before. Also, many people do not realize that eating breakfast in the morning gets your metabolism working. Breakfast provides fuel for your body to work off of. Many people neglect to eat breakfast and then crave large amounts of food at lunchtime, putting anything they can find in their mouths. Prevent this from happening by eating breakfast and in the process you will be healthier and save money.

This has truly become a world of multi-taskers. So why not put your abilities to good use in an effort to keep your New Year’s resolution by staying in shape. After a long day at work, it is understandable that many people do not feel up to braving the crowded gyms. So, while watching the news or reading your favorite magazine or book, try running on the treadmill or elliptical at home. If you do not have exercise equipment at home, you can purchase inexpensive free weights and use them to tone and strengthen your back and arm muscles, all in the comfort of your home.

Megan Gates is an outreach representative for Gym Source a leading retailer of home gyms and various other exercise and fitness equipment. Megan contributes written work to the blogosphere related to health and fitness and we hope to see more tips from her here in the future.

For more tips from our FT Clients who achieved success with their health plans last year check out


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