Fitness Together Fights Heart Disease

Fitness Together, the leader in one-on-one personal training, is rededicating its commitment to fighting health and fitness related problems. In order to educate the public about the health benefits of physical fitness, Fitness Together is offering a free session of individual personal training.

A recent study published in the September Journal of the American Medical Association came to a surprising conclusion regarding the health risk factors of inactivity and fat in regards to heart disease.

The study concluded that people who were physically fit were less likely to develop heart disease or a related problem than someone who was inactive. Our study shows that the lack of physical fitness is a stronger risk factor for developing heart disease than being overweight or obese,” said Timothy Wessel, the leader of the research study, and a physician at the University of Florida.

Most people today think that fat is the number one enemy of heart disease, but in fact, inactivity puts people at a greater risk,” says Justin M. Schulman, the owner Fitness Together in Natick, Massachusetts. Fat is still a problem, but jumping on the latest fad diet to get rid of fat may not be enough to protect yourself from heart disease – you need to start a fitness program.”

Another of the study’s authors, Bairey Merz, a physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles said that because physical fitness … has beneficial effects on many factors related to cardiovascular risk, including obesity, increased activity appears to be an ideal therapy…”

To participate, or for more information, please call 508-652-9922 to schedule your free, no-strings-attached personal training session, in a private suite, complete with a health, fitness, and nutritional assessment (a $300.00 value) at no cost and with no obligation. 

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