High Blood Sugar & Unhealthy: FT Success Story Karen Ripley

Karen Ripley


I had a difficult pregnancy, followed by several surgeries which resulted in my body being overweight, weak and completely unhealthy. My blood sugar was 126 and my LDL cholesterol was 152. After not being able to keep up with my son and an embarrassing moment in a bridesmaid’s dress, I needed help to get healthy and fit again.

The team at Fitness Together taught me how to maximize my workouts with meal planning, strength training and conditioning workouts. They helped me learn to take time for myself and reminded me that staying healthy is a lifestyle – not a fad.

Within a year at Fitness Together, I went from a size 14 to a size 8. My blood sugar dropped to 80 and LDL cholesterol dropped to 90 with no medication. I feel fantastic, my clothes look good on me and I’m a healthy, happy mom!


More success stories at FTGetsResults.com


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