Fitness Tip Of The Week from Ashley Landon (FT Westborough)

5 Holiday tips to avoid over indulging!

1. Chew on gum or have a cup of coffee or tea while cooking to avoid taste testing too much of your favorite holiday cooking or baking.

2. When baking poor water in the bowl immediately after you are done so you don’t lick the bowl clean!

3. Make your own holiday wish list:

  • Thinner Thighs
  • Tighter Abs
  • Smaller Butt
    **Hang it where ever you will see it the most on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror**

4. Don’t skip meals and never show up to a party starving.

5. Step away from the food!! When you are done eating walk away from the food table and keep yourself busy . “Out of sight out of mind”

And remember any amount of exercise is better than none. Even if you only have 20min to spare it is WORTH IT!

Ashley Landon
Ashley is a graduate from Framingham State College with a bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising. However, her true passion and drive always came from fitness, which lead her to a change in career paths. She is now a certified personal trainer, graduate from The National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), Waltham, MA. She is also certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED.

Ashley has always had an undeniable interest in fitness and health, putting it at the top of her list. She truly enjoys working out and shows it through her training, making it fun and challenging!

Ashley has been a trainer at Fitness Together –Westborough since 2007 and has helped many people push themselves beyond what they thought possible.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys strength training, running and coming up with new and improved ways of making healthy recipes.

Fitness Together Westborough

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