Fitness Tips & More For The Holidays

Ashley – Westboro Studio

Okay so you have a few weeks until Christmas, and you know when it gets closer you are going to get busy and workouts will be last on your list! So for the next few weeks before eggnog and mistletoe lets all try to get an extra day in at the gym and really try and push yourself just a little harder so when Santa comes calling you won’t have to feel guilty!

**Make sure when you are exercising you are within your target heart rate zone 60-80% of your maximum HR. To find your maximum HR subtract your age from 220**


Kate – Dedham Studio

It’s that time of year again. Holiday shopping is upon us. For the runner in your family here is a list of the Top Ten Picks from those at Runner’s World. One of my personal favorites from the list is the BROOKS INFINITI BEANIE with the convenient ponytail opening, love it!

Our Favorite Things
From the December 2010 issue of Runner’s World


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