Diabetes & The Holidays

How Will You Stop Diabetes The Future Is in Your Hands
From The American Diabetes Association

During the holidays, we joke that our belts are a little tight around the waist. But for PJ, his tight belt was no laughing matter.

“I kept thinking ‘I ought to lose weight,'” he shared.

Returning home from a baseball game one day, PJ experienced tingling in his hands and feet. “I thought that was odd. So the next day, I checked my blood glucose and my jaw dropped because it was so high. I checked the next day in disbelief, and it was still elevated.”

“Right then and there, I thought ‘My toes at 60. There is NO WAY I was going to lose my toes at 60.'”

Once PJ was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the tight belt became the focus of his attention. “I sucked it up, started to exercise and eat right and lost 30 pounds over 4 months. My glucose dropped and has remained low for 5 years. I even had to put a new hole in my belt!”

“Now I watch my diet and exercise 4 days a week. Keeping my 30 pounds off is challenging. I hate it, but it works! I do it for my toes. I do it for my brain, heart, kidneys, eyes and ultimately, my family. I thank God for the kick in the butt to check my blood glucose that day.”

Developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. During American Diabetes Month® this November, join the movement to Stop Diabetes® and download your very own Celebrations Survival Guide.

Get tips to handle the holidays and avoid tight belts this Thanksgiving season.

At Fitness Together, we help our clients lose weight, lower blood pressure and lower blood glucose – often to the point where they need fewer meds. By decreasing people’s dependency on drugs, we can help more people live healthier, productive lives – doing our part to help lower healthcare costs.

For more information on Fitness Together’s program for Diabetes or Fitness Together in Eastern New England


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