Diabetes Awareness Month: Nick Jonas’ Simple Wins

The Nick Jonas Diabetes Commercial for Bayer

Nick Discusses his diabetes and surprises a fan.

His post from last month from Nick’s Simple Wins:

October is especially important to me because it was in October that I was diagnosed with diabetes. So much has happened since that time and what a month this October has been, I started out in London performing on the O2 Stage for the 25th anniversary of Les Miserables. Such an amazing experience!

Then it was off to Latin America for the next leg of our World Tour. Which is where I am writing you from today. Such a beautiful place and the people and food here are great. The different cultures are something to be able to experience first hand.

Next month is an important month for the diabetes community. National Diabetes month is the time to raise awareness about Diabetes and what we need to do to find a cure. Bayer and I have some great stuff planned and it will all air on Cambio Cares so be sure to tune in and catch it.

Also remember Nov 14th is World Diabetes Day!

My Simple Win this month – Planning ahead and packing all the supplies I need to monitor my diabetes while traveling out of the country.


Nick discusses Diabetes Awareness Month with a new video on Bayer’s Nick’s Simple Wins site


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