FT Gets Results: Gayle Clemons

“After those first few workouts I had doubts as to whether I could really do this.” Gayle Clemons

Training Frequency: 3x per week
Cardio Program: Started 360FT Fall 2009
Nutrition Program: Fitness Together Nutrition Journal
Results: 120% improvement in her fitness ~ Lost 7lbs of body fat and gained 2lbs of muscle ~ Can do 25 full push-ups ~ Increased sit-ups from 19 to 32 (noted in 9/2009)

Noteworthy: After every workout, Gayle wipes down the equipment she used! (Note: This is NOT required by clients but Gayle insists and, given her level of fitness, we don’t want to argue with her!)

Gail Clemons Before joining Fitness Together, I had really let myself go and was paying very little attention to my health. I found myself in my forties and just kept watching my weight increase and my physical stamina decrease. There is a strong family history of heart disease and this concerned me as well. I needed to make significant changes but the idea was daunting and I worried about keeping myself motivated. Enter Fitness Together!

I started with FT in May 2009 and will admit that after those first few workouts I had doubts as to whether I could really do this. I was so sore and it reinforced just how out of shape I was. Well, I am happy to say that many workouts later and lots of support and encouragement from the FT trainers and I really feel that I am on my way. The workouts remain challenging but now I look forward to them and always feel so good afterward. These days, my clothes are fitting more comfortably, I have more energy and just feel better physically and emotionally.

The key for me has been scheduling 3 days a week to train. Making a one on one appointment has helped me stay focused and committed. I especially like the flexibility of training times offered by FT and each trainer offers their unique approach to workout sessions. They are creative and always mix it up so that exercises never feel repetitive (though Troy does have a fondness for lunges!). Lastly, FT has helped me focus on getting to a healthier place in a structured, nonjudgmental environment. I am extremely grateful for the ongoing support of Karen, Ashley, Jess and Troy and with their continued encouragement I plan to continue my fitness journey.



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