In Good Health: Steve Lichtman

Cardio for a Cure Raises $38,000 and Growing

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who has helped us raise money for the Amercian Diabetes Association through Fitness Together’s Cardio for a Cure campaign. We’re well on our way to exceeding our goal of $42,000 and we need your help collecting donations today. Bring us your checks or donate online.

It’s Time to “Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes”
Saturday, October 23rd in Boston on the Commons

Call or visit your local FT and sign up today to join us. Each client who walks with us will get a Fitness Together/ADA Step-Out tee shirt. We’ll see you there!

Fitness Together Type 2 Diabetes Program Shows Positive Results

We’re conducting a 6 month type 2 diabetes fitness study in each of our four studios. Some participants recently completed their fitness re-tests with very positive results. One doctor told his patient, “I haven’t seen you lose 12 pounds in 12 years, let alone 6 weeks – what are you doing that’s working so well?” Another doctor called to tell the patient that his blood glucose dropped into a safe level for the very first time and he wants to learn more about our program.

If you know someone who needs help getting fit, do them a big favor and refer them to us. Our nationally certified personal trainers understand the emotional and physical challenges which inhibit people from sticking with a program and getting positive results. We know how to motivate people and make exercise fun. It’s not all about dieting. It’s about helping people feel better, look better, get healthy and learn how to make lasting lifestyle changes.

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