FT Gets Results: Mark Rosen

“My story is different in that I have a weakness on my right side from a head injury back in my high school days.” Mark Rosen

Training Frequency: 2-3x per week
Cardio Frequency: 2-3x per week on the bike
Nutrition: Mark made critical changes to his nutrition by adding more fruit (especially apples, bananas, strawberries), changed milk to skim from 1 %, decreased meal portion size and the binge eating, decreased his snacking frequency, increased his water in-take and almost entirely substituted water for soda. He also reads the nutrition labels carefully and avoids high sodium food items.
Results: Reached Above Average fitness in 6 months ~ Lost 11lbs of bodyfat! ~ Doubled the amount of sit-ups he can do in a minute (30!) (noted in 2/2010)

Mark is a brave man! He was the only gentleman client who made it to FT’s spa night in February, and so he is also the only one who got his feet scrubbed and his back massaged that night so he probably doesn’t regret it!

Mark Rosen I was my heaviest ever last summer and finally took action by coming to see Karen at F.T. I needed structured workouts and commitment from me and finding a program that could be changed to meet my needs.

My story is different in that I have a weakness on my right side from a head injury back in my high school days. I was totally paralyzed on my right side, but was lucky to re-gain a lot of my functionality on my right side. This can pose challenges in the gym and warranted a great deal of patience.

Both Ashley and Troy were up to the task. I wanted to lose weight (2 pant sizes), decrease body fat, strengthen my right side, tone my entire body and have more stamina to try to keep up with my children. Ashley as always found unique sets of exercises for each session for me to enjoy and see my progress.

After 7 months working out at F.T., I have accomplished many of my goals and also have taken pleasure in working with the awesome staff.



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